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Serving Northern New England

Customers in Maine frustrated with Time Warner Cable

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As a local Dish Network Authorized retailer here in Maine, SCS Communications likes to keep their ear out for any pain the people of Maine are experiencing with their current cable providers. Recently the Portland Press Herald ran a story about Time Warner Cable and its infamous lack of customer satisfaction and service.

Here are some quotes from the article that we are sure many people can relate to.

“Despite growing competition from Internet streaming services, satellite TV, tablets, and other technology, Time Warner gets failing grades from many customers and on customer service rating reports. The company has consistently scored lower than competitors in several recent national consumer surveys.”

“The company’s image as a corporate giant with little regard for customers has been enhanced recently by a couple of widely reported events.

In August, Time Warner raised its modem rental fees from $3.95 to $5.99 a month, just one year after the company had stopped a long-standing policy of providing the modems for free. Also in August, Time Warner engaged in a contract dispute with CBS, resulting in the blackout of CBS-owned cable channels, including Showtime, to Time Warner customers for about a month.”

The article also talks about how people who complain about the service often get a percentage taken off their bill for a certain amount of time. The fact that everyone has a different dollar amount on their monthly bill makes it understandably difficult to trust them.

Reading a story like this about how people are frustrated with Time Warner Cable and looking for options makes us feel great about what we do. At SCS Communications, we are focused on customer service. We are local, real people that you can get on the phone if you have any problems without 90 minutes of being on hold. But, most importantly, we listen to our customers, and they are our number 1 priority. It makes us proud that DISH network understands the importance of person-to-person contact in business. We can connect their excellent service and the even greater people they serve.

To read the article in full, click here.

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